Why everyone should consider boarding schools?

Boarding schools have evolved over the year. Listed below are a few reasons why one must consider them.

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Key points from the article - 

  • Vast curriculum
  • Accessibility:
  • Added Expenses:-
  • Care and Discipline:
  • Extra- curricular activities:-
  • Time for extracurricular activities is also allocated

Gone are the days when Husbands used to work and bring in the bed and butter while the wife stayed at home and did the laundry along with taking care of the many children at home. We are no longer living in the 19th century values. We live in the 21st century. We live in a world of technology and modern values where there’s equality between both the parents whatever the current situation. With families getting shorter and working hours longer, being the best at everything is difficult. We want our children to receive the best possible education, love, affection and growth they require to grow up and be someone who loves themselves, has faith, has passion for their jobs their lives as adults and to be a respectable member of our society.

There’s a lot of pressure upon parents to raise a child along with work and taking care of the house. Before you realize it, your child is 2 years old, it feels like yesterday when you had just survived the phase of first words, first steps, first everything along with dirty diapers and late night wake up calls. Parents must decide the route they want to take towards their child’s education.

They must start planning for schools and educational systems where children can grow up be raised in a community where they learn, grow and flourish. As parents we want to give our children the best of everything in our capabilities. We want them to live the best life possible but we must also understand the burden of responsibilities on our shoulders. With stakes this high, it is pertinent for parents to consider all possible schools that are accessible to them. We suggest you keep an open mind, weigh all your options, talk to your children, those who are close to you, other parents, do an extended research and then make the right choice for your family.

Shivneri School Top Residential (Boarding) School in Pune

Shivneri Foundation came into existence in the year 20014 with a dedicated team headed by Dr. Chandrakant A. Kanase and Dr, Saraswati C. Kanase at Kanapur, Tal, Junnar, Dist. Pune. We are a CBSE Residential Co-Educational School for Nursery and Grade 1 to XII. Located approximately 75KMS from Pune and 150KMS from Mumbai is a huge 13 Acre campus lies in the calleys of Sahyadri, surrounded by lavish greenery Shivneri Boarding School. Established in the year 2004, Shivneri boarding school is one of the most reputed schools in Pune District. With well-equipped science labs, language labs (English and Japanese).There are many reasons why parents should consider boarding schools, some of them are -

  • Vast curriculum:-

With students learning skills like gardening, basic work and repairs around the house along with performing arts, varied educational experiences in life and outside school. We are preparing children from a young age for a life outside school. Understanding the boarding school’s curriculum is a major factor in deciding the right school for your child.

  • Accessibility

As responsible parents we must prepare for the worst situations. How

quickly can you or a close relative can reach the school in case of an emergency?

Location is a key factor in deciding where to send your child to school. Shivneri boarding school is located approximately 75KMS from Pune and 150KMS from Mumbai. We have functioning, modern CCTV Cameras spread across the acre. We also have teachers who live in and around the campus along with the Aayas who are responsible for each

students living in the dorms and their daily schedules. With a 15:1 ratio i.e. 15 students

per Aaya, we make sure that no student is left unattended.

  • Added Expenses:- 

Schools are an expensive affair. Before you know it you are working extra hours while we want what’s best for our children, we must also be realistic. Boarding school costs can be significantly higher than regular day schools. When thinking of cost we must take into consideration:

  • Cost of living: 

Each family member in the family has a rough/ fixed spending budget. This includes basic necessities such as medical expenses if any, food, house, education. When weighing down between day schools parents should take into consideration day to day expenses of day schools. How much does it cost for your child to reach school every day? Traffic is a huge factor one must consider when living in a metro Politian city. Cost of extra sports hobbies, performing arts etc. All these costs may seem minor right now they add up to a huge amount when looked at together. Boarding schools are expensive because they have to take care of student’s safety on campus, their dorms, food, extra-curricular activities, overall growth and development. Your child will always be under our care 224x7 when in school.

  • Future Planning: 

Systems and plans always go hand in hand. When you are prepared for the future you know what might happen and can therefore be prepared for what’s to happen. When we talk about future planning we are talking about the kind of connections and avenues it opens up to your children in the future right from the tender age of 2.

We at Shivneri boarding school are the only school in India which teaches their students Shanghai Mathematics. The Shanghai Math’s Project is a mathematics program which provides complete coverage of the math’s curriculum in England. Every child can master math’s with these comprehensive resources. Shivneri boarding school has also published three books and workbooks on the on Shanghai Mathematics.

  • Care and Discipline

We at Shivneri boarding school believe that we are your child’s home away from home. We are responsible for the values they’ll grow up with, with their knowledge, their well-being and how happy and successful they’ll be in whatever they aim to do in the future. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students a strict work day is enforced.

Indian Army
  • Extra- curricular activities - 

In this day and age only learning from books is not enough. Learning a craft, developing a hobby or playing a sport, learning and mastering multiple skills will only help your child in the future.

Kids performing in school.
  • Time for extracurricular activities is also allocated

Apart from this, dorm parents are also responsible for taking care of the child’s day-to-day needs, such as the dietary requirements, mental and physical health. Understanding the school’s policies will make the parents more secure about sending their children to that boarding school. We at Shivneri boarding school have an Aaya and student ratio of 15:1. For every 15 students there is one Aaya available to take of your children and their daily schedules. They are responsible for instilling disciple in children. Every week we also have a group of ex-army colonels and majors visit the school and conduct activities and intense drills with students. This instills disciple in children right from their school level.

    As Boarding schools we must strive to do better than day schools and if boarding schools are what you are looking for your family, then we at Shivneri boarding schools are the right fit for you. For more information: https://www.shivnerischool.com/