5 life changing things you will learn in boarding school

The huge advantage of boarding school is that it throws you into the social fire. - Nicholas Stoller.

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Key Points from this article:-

  1. Self reliance
  2. Developing social skills
  3. Fewer distractions
  4. Alternative activities
  5. Character development


When it comes to education there are many schools that we do our research on before selecting the right one for you and your kids. This process can be intimidating, stressful and confusing. First you must decide between boarding schools such as Shivneri boarding school or day schools. There are many advantages of your children learning from a boarding school, some of them are listed as below:-

  • Self reliance:-

Studying in a boarding school means that you won’t rely on your parents or guardians to finish your chores. Even though there are Aayas who are in charge of maintaining hygiene in the dorms and rooms, every child is expected to maintain a basic hygiene level. Kids will be given responsibility such as taking care of their own personal belongings. Responsibilities like these are what make kids self reliant. They learn how to take care of themselves and their belongings.

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  1. Developing social skills:-

When kids go to day schools, they will socialise with their friends whilst in school, tuitions or when they’re playing outside together and then go home to their parents. At Shivneri boarding school kids will not just be with their friends and peers in class, they’ll be with them throughout the day. Which means constant interactions and having fun. At Shivneri boarding school we have a vast variety of clubs such as the Eco-club, Science club, robotics club and many more such fun learning opportunities for children to learn and socialise. India is a diverse, multicultural, multilingual country. At Shivneri boarding school we have a very diverse student base. We believe in celebrating all our Indian festivals in a rich and vibrant way. Students enjoy all these festivities together irrespective of their different casts, cultures and languages. Through these celebrations students are introduced to various cultures, how they traditionally celebrate and continue their traditions.

Group studying at Shivneri Boarding School
  • Fewer distractions:-

When your child attends a day school they are also living with their parents or guardians which means they are surrounded by technology such as tv, video games, phones and the other things happening around them. At Shivneri boarding school kids are allowed the use of technology such as television time, video time, are limited. With lesser distractions your child can focus their energies on their studies and their various hobbies. At Shivneri boarding school children can use the internet, their cellphones, or watch tv only between 9:10 pm – 9:30 pm.

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  • Alternative activities:-

At Shivneri boarding school students are taught basic gardening skills. The school tries to grow most of the fruits and vegetables inside the campus in a green and eco-friendly way. These skills come in handy as they are amongst nature, watching how a seed turns into a plant and learn simultaneously. Unlike day schools boarding schools are twenty-four hours of immersive vibrant and educational environment. At Shivneri boarding school every aspect is placed strategically for the welfare of your child’s personal growth and his or her educational environment.

We at Shivneri boarding school have a vast array of cutting edge facilities such as technology, performing arts centers, sports grounds where kids can learn how to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, can learn yoga, martial arts and a well-equipped library are many such activities for children to learn from. According to statistics boarding school students spend more time on both academics and extracurricular activities when compared to an average student.

Shivneri Boarding School students gardening.
  • Character development:-

If you have ever met someone who went to a boarding school, they will have amazing stories to tell you. Stories about the fun they had in the dorm or in classrooms and the things they were taught as children. Students from boarding schools are known to graduate with exceptional character and demeanour. They stay in a community where traits such as community, honesty, hard work are valued and emphasised upon. Being away from family is hard. Students will overcome their initial discomfort and become more adaptable, flexible and will be better able to transition to different new environments. This is an excellent method to prepare students for the responsibilities and challenges of an adult life while in a safe and healthy environment. At Shivneri boarding school our staff is always around protecting our students and if and when they fall, our expert staff will be there to help them through it. The mixture if freedom and guidance enables students to develop remarkable levels if confidence and resilience. As children grow up they will go on to becoming young adults who will face the real world. As parents and teachers our job is to give young kids the best possible education, an ideal environment to strive in, great support systems that promote good mental and physical health skills.

At Shivneri boarding school students and the faculty have heightened interactions. Under the nurturing and watchful gaze of our faculty including the teachers and the Aayas, students engaging in negative behaviours and bad influences becomes less. Teachers at Shivneri boarding school are highly trained academic experts. They recognise the importance of being the few adults, students interact with on a daily basis. They are mentors, coaches and inspirational figures. Additionally, every week a team of ex-army colonels and majors visit the school and take intense drills and activities. Professional psychologists also visit the school every week. Here students are counselled to go through various group therapies, music therapies, and individual counselling sessions. This helps us maintain a positive and a healthy environment.

Research tells us that students who have attended boarding schools tend to earn an advanced degree. This translates into long term success with a significantly higher amount if boarding school students achieving top managerial positions in both their mid and late careers.

At Shivneri boarding school we assure you that your child is in the best hands. We believe in helping students reach their full growth potential and raising a child takes a village. We at Shivneri boarding school are your child’s home, away from home.