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    Questions parents and children frequently ask.

    When was the School established?

    The school was established in 2004 by Dr.Chandrakant Kanase (M.D Medicine, Physician) and Dr.Saraswati Kanase (Gynaecologist).

    To which board is the school affiliated?

    The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.​

    The School is up to what level?

    The School is from Nursery to Class XII.

    Is the School Co-educational?

    Yes, the School is Co-educational.

    Does the school have a boarding facility?

    Yes, the school has a boarding facility for both, girls and boys. School campus contains both the hostels, mess, auditorium, Indoor, and Outdoor Games, etc.

    How to reach the School?

    From Pune- 1. Board a bus to Narayangaon from Shivajinagar. (Buses are available from Shivajinagar every 10 mins). Distance from Shivajinagar - 80 km (1.5 hrs)

    2. From Narayangaon, board a bus to Junnar. Distance from Narayangaon 7 km.


    From Mumbai- 1. Come to Kalyan Bus stand. Board bus to Junnar, Kalyan-Junnar buses are available in specific time slots (7 am to 9 am and 1 bus every hour). The campus is 3 km from Junnar. We will escort you from Junnar.

    You can search for 'Shivneri School' on Google Maps.

    Do boys and girls have separate hostels?

    Yes, Boys and Girls have separate hostels.

    Does the school have Veg and Nonveg Mess Facility?

    Yes, the school has both Veg and Nonveg Mess Facility and have separate kitchens for Veg & Nonveg. (School does not serve Jain Food.​)

    How many meals do students get every day and how is the meal structure?

    Shivneri Mess provides 4 meals a day, (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner). Meals contain chapatis, different Sabjis, dals, rice, salad, raitas, fruits, desserts, papads, etc.

    How can I make sure my child gets adjusted to the boarding(Hostel)?

    Shivneri Boarding school has been established for the last 15 years, the team is well trained and hence makes sure that each and every child is comfortable in the hostel.

    The school has an Induction Program for the newly joined students which emphasizes on student's comfort in the hostel and creates a friendly environment for children in the school campus. Students are taught the daily routine and activities in the induction program so they get easily adjusted with the new routine.

    Ice breaker games and activities make sure that the new child gets friendly with other children.

    Campus employs in-house Psychologists who take care of the children who are homesick and takes care of their 'separation anxiety' with the help of counseling and activities.

    What is the average Class size?

    Each Class on an average has 35-40 students thus teachers providing individual attention to the students.

    Does the School admit children from other Boards?

    Yes, the School admits children from other Boards like State Board, ICSE etc.

    Which faculties the Junior College has ?

    Junior College has Science and Commerce Faculty. Junior College also provides separate coaching for competitive exams like CET, NEET, CPT, etc.

    What all documents you need to carry when you visit the school for admission?

    Documents you need to carry for new admission:

    1) Photocopy of Adhar card of the child and parents.

    2) Report card of 2 previous years.

    3) 4 photographs of child and parents, each.

    4) Leaving Certificate of the previous school (You can submit it later).

    What all things a child needs to carry along with them to the boarding school?

    Please visit the link to download the 'boarding kit'.

    Do you need to take an appointment before visiting the school?

    Yes, you need to take the appointment before visiting the school.

    Contact No. for the appointment - 8208432877

    What is the daily schedule of the Boarding Students?

    Please visit the link to see the school schedule in detail.

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