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     Shivneri School and Junior College

    Mission: Strengthening the inner Strength of a child is the ultimate motto of Shivneri School.

    We thrive to provide an infrastructure and an educational facility which will help the child to grow and evolve as a successful human being.

    Our Mission is to create Individuals capable of succeeding at Global Platform, who will lead the path of India towards building a Developed Country.
    Individuals who will succeed at harnessing the power of diversity and lead every Indian towards best possible Standard of Living.
    We envision creating the most successful doctors, engineers, marketers, scientists, artists, sportsmen and ultimately, good human beings.

    Shivneri School was founded in the year 2005 by Shivneri Foundation. For last 15 years in the Education Industry, it has set the highest standard of Academic excellence, Sports Achievements, overall intellectual growth of the students, and have created a social-ethical awareness amongst not only its students but also all of its stakeholders. The school is located near metro cities Pune and Mumbai.

    Shivneri School is ranked as one of the Best Boarding Schools near Pune and Mumbai . It is also very well known for its Academic Excellence, it offers CBSE curriculum. It has always been known and awarded for the world-class infrastructure, safety, hygiene, and personal care.It is also ranked as one of the best day-boarding CBSE schools for academics and sports training.

    Shivneri School's Foundation Module emphasizes on five pillars viz. 'Academics, Physical Health, Personality Development, Emotional Quotient, and Social' to create a socially responsible Human Being. Its Foundation Module places it amongst the Best Boarding Schools in India.

  • Shivneri School and Junior College

    Student Testimonials

    Watch the Testimonials of our successful students, furutre Doctors and Engineers.

    Free Webinar

    FREE Webinar

    Things to know before planning for IIT-JEE & NEET.

    Chance to win a Grand Scholarship!

    Summer Camp

    Summer Camp + Bridge Course 21-22

    Lockdown has been cruel to your child's academics and discipline. Join the 15 Days Residential Summer Camp + Bridge Course by Shivneri School.

    • For 7th, 8th, 9th CBSE/SSC/ICSE, Co-Ed
    • Bridge Course for English, Maths & Sci.
    • Classroom Teaching and Practicals
    • Complete Syllabus Revision & Tests
    • Screen Dependency Reduction Program
    • Sports & Activities
    • Self-Discipline
    • Gifts & Takeaways
    • 100% Refund Guarantee in case of a Lockdown

    Shivneri School Online Coaching

    Online Coaching amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

    Shivneri School Teachers will be teaching the students of Higher Classes with the help of video calls amidst the Coronavirus Lockdown. Parents/Students to contact their ClassTeachers for the link.

    Glimpses of 2019-20 MAC

    Commando Training

    We started with the Military Adventure Training at Shivneri School. Check out our Facebook Page for more photos.

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