Is boarding school a good option for JEE/NEET?

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Boarding School - JEE / NEET

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is an all India Engineering Entrance Examination. It qualifies candidates for IIT, NIT and other engineering colleges in India. Thetest has two parts JEE Main and JEE Advanced. 

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) was previously known as the All IndiaPre-Medical Test is the test that qualifies candidates for MBBS and BDS programs in medical and dental colleges in India. The test is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA).   

Both of these exam sare tough to crack and require the student to practice in both their 11th and 12th grade. A good score in these competitive exams needs discipline, focus and consistent hard work to be put in by the candidates.  

Boarding school sinculcate discipline, hard work and consistency among the students and hencethey are an excellent option for the preparation of any competitive texansespecially JEE and NEET Shivnerischool near Pune city is a boarding school that offers excellent guidance for students who plan to attempt NEET/JEE with the help of their expert faculty and superior management. It has also attained the title of best boarding school in pune.  

So here are a fewpoints why boarding schools are a goodoption for JEE/NEET: 

Boarding School - JEE / NEET


Better accessibility to academic help  

In boarding schoolsclose student-teacher interaction is given greater importance. Hence, Teacher sare able to build better relationships with students and can effectively mentor them. Students have the opportunity to get academic help easily and quickly ina boarding school. The study material re The faster they’re able to resolve their doubts, the more efficient they can be in terms of their preparation forJEE or NEET. The study material required by the students for their preparation is also very easily accessible. Additionally, students have to prepare for these competitive exams while studying for the 11th and 12th grade syllabus. Hence, the easier accessibility to academic help that is provided by the boarding schools goes a long way in terms of the performance of the students. At Shivneri School students and teachers have heightened interactions. The faculty at Shivneri school are not only academic experts at their respective disciplines but are all well versed with mentoring and engaging with students which ensures that the students grasp the concepts thoroughly.  

Easier to stay focused  

Boarding schools create a conducive environment for the students with minimum distractions andconsistent practice sessions. Shivneri school lays down a schedule for students that enables them to remain engaged, efficient and productive. The daily schedule consists of physical exercise, group activities, reinforcement classesand extra classes apart from the regular lectures. Every daily activity has been allotted an appropriate amount of time which helps the students to stay focused and consistent. Extra curricular activities such as sports also play a large role in balancing the schedule at Shivneri school. The school campus offers a variety of sports such as cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, kabaddi, etc. Studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between physical activities and concentration levels. Hence, this setting is beneficial for students and helps them to focus on their studies. Moreover maintaining focus is pivotal for competitive examinations such as JEEor NEET as they require solving multiple practice tests and revisions.  


Since there areminimum distractions and easily accessible academic help, the students tend tobe more focused. Availability of experienced teachers helps the children to plan their schedule efficiently. It also helps them to recognise areas in whichthey are struggling and need to put in more effort. The experienced faculty isable to guide the students in terms of time management and strategic preparation which in turn increases their chances of scoring well exponentially. The daily routine adopted at Shivneri School lays an emphasis on time management and prioritizes an optimum output from the students. The schedule is devised in order to help the students make the most of their day in terms of productivity whilst being well rested. Such a schedule is sustainableand aids the students to maintain consistency. 


Boarding schools continuously and consistently work towards fostering and imbibing discipline among students. Moreover the difficulty level of JEE and NEET is considerably high. To attain a good score in either of the competitive exams, last minute studying will not be enough. Students must follow a step by step plan that willyield them the best results. In order to follow the plan, staying disciplinedand consistent is of utmost importance and this discipline is highly likely tobe achieved in boarding schools. Shivneri school has devised a setting which isextremely conducive for students to remain disciplined. The daily schedule atShivneri School strikes just the right balance between academic activities andleisure activities. This makes the schedule viable and students willingly follow it.  

Positivepeer influence 

In boarding schoolsacademic excellence is appreciated and encouraged not only among the faculty members but also peers. According to a study conducted by the Association of Boarding Schools 75% of the students stated that their peers are academically motivated as opposed to 49% of students in regular schools. This shows that there is a positive peer influence on the students in terms of being academically motivated and successful. Shivneri school has successfully attained 100% 10th and 12th grade results persistently. The school has also focused on the holistic development of students by taking into consideration their physical health, personality development, emotional quotient and social skills. This ultimately has a positive effect on the effort they put in and their consistency in their studies. This can be a crucial advantage especiallyfor the preparation of competitive exams like JEE and NEET. 

Personal Attention to students and individual growth 

Another important benefit of boarding schools is that the teachers are able to provide individual attention to students and attend totheir queries. Since students spend a considerable amount of time with theteachers, they are more likely to develop a sense of comfort with them. This leads to a better relationship among teachers and students. A good teacher-student rapport will in turn result in students being eager to learn and hence they will understand the concepts in consideration well. Additionally, smaller classrooms are an advantageous characteristic of boardingschools in terms of personal attention given to students. This also enhancesthe student-teacher relationship and makes the teachers more approachable. Thorough understanding of concepts is pivotal for preparation of both JEE and NEE. Shivneri school applies a 360 degree approach when it comes to competitive exams (JEE/NEET). This approach entails group discussions, doubt solving sessions, real time performance evaluation, concept based teaching, regular mock tests and rank improvement programs 

Self-dependence is one the most crucial attributes that are ingrained among students in a boarding school. This quality boosts theprocess of personal growth in the sense that they feel prepared for thenon-academic part of their life after school. The students studying in boarding schools tend to be more responsible to begin with. Shivneri school organizes various workshops and social activities that focus on the importance of being aresponsible and self-sufficient person. This enables the students to have a positive attitude towards their college life and be confident. The students do not feel bogged down with the stress ofhow they are going to manage the next part of their life.This helps the students focus on the preparation for their respective competitive exams which are the beginning of the foundation of their career.   

In a nutshell, boarding schools are definitely a goodoption for preparation of JEE/ NEET. In fact they prepare the student for much more than just a competitive exam and shape an individual's future by buildinga strong foundation. 

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