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 “Follow your own passion—not your parents’, not your teachers’—yours.” —Robert Ballard

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Key points from the article -

  • Bachelors of rural studies
  • Ethical hacking
  • Gerontology
  • Museology / Museum Studies
  • Photonics
  • Anthropology

Gone are the days when students were only expected to follow into the science and commerce footsteps and arts was a field that was gravely looked down upon. These days, the definition of success is different, you have no longer just made it if you're an engineer or a doctor or have a set income. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that it’s important to do the things that we love doing, that life is uncertain and that we should find joy in the small things.  These days people have started seeing the numerous opportunities that are available and are viable career options which are different from the norm. Things which you never expected have become viable successful career options such as influencers, pet groomers, pet food testers and many more such unique careers have seen a huge growth.If you have children that are creative and would thrive in careers that are unique, then here is our list of universities that have some unique degree courses which are unique and thus their chances of growth in that particular field are much higher.

Unique college courses that make for a unique profession -

If you get into a profession that’s unique and out of the ordinary then here’s a list of colleges with courses that let you explore various fields that help you follow your passions and dreams -

Bachelor of Rural Studies - WE live in a country where most of our population lives in rural areas and villages which are severely underdeveloped. For those of you who want to make some change happen by developing our rural population then this is the course for you. After your graduation, you get to work in these rural areas and help develop it. Bachelor of rural studies is a 3 year degree program that falls under the humanities and social sciences. The course revolves around rural economy and works towards the betterment of the villages by raising awareness, policy implementation and community mobilisation. This course covers a wide variety of topics such as panchayats, animal husbandry, research work, entrepreneurship, political science, horticulture, rural economy, cooperation, statistics. You can apply for this course after completing your 12th standard. As India has a very large rural population, the scope for this course is enormous. Rural studies students can take up advisory, consultancy work, research and work with government or private organizations as a rural manager. Students who hold a bachelor's degree in rural studies can apply for jobs in the government sectors for the post of village development officer. If you are someone who believes in helping smaller communities grow for the betterment of our country then this is definitely the right course for you.

Some top colleges for rural studies are -

  • Bhavnagar University
  • B.R.S College of Rural Studies, Dahod, Gujarat
  • Nagpur University
  • Centre for Rural Studies, Tripura University
  • Saurashtra University, Gujarat
  • NIMS University, Jaipur
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Ethical Hacking - We all know that hacking into anyone’s account is considered to be a criminal offence but what if we told you that you can be a hacker, get paid well for it and not be doing anything illegal? Yes, you heard it right. Ethical hackers are people who legally break into computers and devices to test an organisation's defences. Companies hire hackers so that they can find out any vulnerabilities that they may have in their systems. If you hack past the company's current defences then you've given your client a chance to rectify their error before it’s actually hacked by a hacker. If not, the company knows that they have strong defences. Ethical hacking is one of the most thrilling parts of working in the IT industry. MNCs, Tech giants, IT firms, Government bodies all of them want to hire ethical hackers as their aim is to keep their networks and systems free from security vulnerabilities. Having a secured system is crucial for organisations such as banks as when hacked, hackers may be able to transfer money from various bank accounts into different untraceable offshore accounts resulting in a huge loss not just for the banks but also for those who've invested their hard earned money in the banks and it’s also bad for our economy. Top universities with ethical hacking courses are -

  • Institute of Information Security
  • Indian school of ethical hacking
  • Arizona infotech, pune
ethical hacking

Gerontology -  Are you fascinated by the human body and the various physical, psychological changes that we go through as we age? Then gerontology is the course for you. Gerontology is the study of psychological, biological and social aspects of aging which focuses on the physical, social and mental changes which occur in people as they grow old. This field of study includes a multidisciplinary investigation of the societal changes resulting from an aging population and ranging from humanities which covers philosophy, literature, economics, and history. This course has its applications into policies and programmes run by the government which are beneficial to the elderly. As a gerontology major you can choose to be a part of multiple fields such as a Mental health associate, Geriatric care manager, Social worker, Herbalists, Healthcare business manager, Geriatric advocate, Health Educators, Public policy, Grant Writers, Personal Assistants, Grief Counselors, Pharmacists, Assisted Living Administrators, Physical Therapists, Art Therapists.Some top universities from which you can study gerontology are -

  • Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Mumbai
  • Ruia College Mumbai
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Museology / Museum Studies - If you love visiting museums for their art and are fascinated by its history, then perhaps choosing museology as a career could be the right choice for you. Museology refers to the study of museums' history, the role it plays in our society as well as the various activities in which they engage such as education, public programming, curating, preservation etc. if you study museology you can work in both private and public museums and galleries. Museology can be interesting to those who are interested in history, science, conserving and preserving museum collections. As a museologist, there are a number of job profiles available to you such as becoming a museum curator, director, conservation specialist, educator, exhibit designer and activist. Anyone who has a background in history, fine arts, culture, even sanskrit can take up this course. Top universities in India for museology are -

  • The university of Calcutta, Calcutta
  • National museum institute of history of art, conservation and museology, New Delhi.

Photonics - Photonics is the science and technology of controlling, generating and detecting photons. Photonics supports the technologies of daily life from smartphones to laptops, medical instruments to lighting technology. Photonics as a subject includes topics such as light emission, transmission, detection, amplification, optical components and lasers and other light sources. As a photonics specialist you can work with research officers, technicians, engineers and technologists in industry and government laboratories or as officers in universities. Someone who has a bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics can pursue MSc in photonics or optoelectronics. As a photonics researcher and scientist, your starting salary in India could be anywhere between 20,000/- or 30,000/-. There’s a good scope for this field abroad as well. In countries like the USA or Uk, the starting salary for a photonics scientist or researcher is anywhere between $36,000 - $1,15,915.The top colleges in India which are teaching Photonics are -


Your career should be something that makes you happy instead of it just being a means of earning money. When you do something that makes you happy, you will be more content and happier in your life too. A career is something that stays with us throughout our life. Our jobs are the things that define us, shape us and then ultimately make us who we are which is why it’s important to take the time out, do thorough research, talk to professionals, your family members whoever that can help and guide you in finding a career option that works for you and helps you.

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