How extra-curricular activities can help your child to improve grades

Extra-curricular activities are great opportunities for children to grow, learn new skills and expand their knowledge!

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Kids running on the running track.

Key points from the article - 

  • Attendance Rate
  • More social interactions
  • Better Grades
  • College Opportunities

As parents, we are always worried about our child’s future, their happiness, their worries, and the kind of work that they’ll do along with the impact they create on the world and many other things. When we think about our children’s future from a professional point of view, we aspire for our children to be the best in their field, for them to be doing a job they actually love and enjoy doing and the kind of lifestyle that comes along with the profession that they choose. It’s an old conception that extra-curricular activities such as playing sports, learning an instrument, learning classical dancing and the various hobbies your child is interested in are not good for them academically. We at Shivneri boarding school don’t believe in these old notions about activities and studies.Kids today can choose between a number of fields based on their likings and dislikes! Love writing and current affairs? Think of a career in journalism! Extra-curricular activities are no longer looked at just as a means of passing time, they can become valid career options of tomorrow! We at Shivneri boarding school believe that engaging students in extra-curricular activities can be super beneficial for children not just for their grades, but also for their life. Listed below are some of the reasons why:-

  • Attendance Rate -

Studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities have a higher classroom attendance rate than students who are not involved. Sports and clubs also expect participants to attend all meetings and practices and it often limits participation to attend meetings and practices if too many lectures are missed. Maintaining a high attendance rate teaches students to recognize that attendance is vital to their success therefore they’re more apt to taking their academic attendance more seriously.

Students in school studying.
  • More social interactions -

Joining clubs or playing sports with a team instills a sense of community, responsibility and involvement for children. They tend to rely on their peers to support one another and bring their team to victory. This involves spending more time with their teammates outside of their respective clubs or activities. When students are studying in a boarding school such as Shivneri boarding school, students live on campus and are thus surrounded by their friends and peers. Living together involves not just attending the same lectures but also studying together in groups, playing together and living their lives together. Students who participate in extracurricular activities are more likely to feel confident in their ability to multitask and are more likely to request help on assignments they do not understand. In boarding schools students also learn to respect themselves and others, which leads to a higher self-esteem. Higher self-esteem improves social, personal and academic performance for students.

Kids playing together.
  • Better Grades-

Since participation in extra-curricular activities requires high attendance, students inevitably have to sit for lectures. Students who don’t miss classes are more likely to have a higher grade point average. This also benefits students extra-curricular activities as some clubs require a good GPA for participation. There are many benefits to enforcing these rules such as: -

  1. Students always have to stay on top of their classroom and homework assignments.
  2. When studying together in groups, students motivate each other in keeping good grades.

In addition to all these benefits, physical activities have been proven to increase brain function and concentration levels along with better sleep which leads to students achieving higher grades in school.

  • College Opportunities-

Students who play sports, know how to play an instrument or are active in extra-curricular activities may be entitled to college scholarships. An added bonus is if students have represented their schools in tournaments and events also have a higher chance of getting selected for better colleges. As crude as it sounds colleges and universities are always looking for students who improve their overall standing and reputation.

This incentive makes students more aware of their performance in and out of the classroom which gives them a bigger reason to concentrate on their studies and their extra-curricular activities. In addition, teachers, coaches and instructors are more willing to write recommendation letters for students who show dedication and perseverance. College scouts are looking for high achievers, and these students are often given opportunities to continue their extracurricular activities in higher education. Participation also shows the student's ability to balance all areas of his life.

Competitive exams.
  1. Grades and extracurricular activities are both very important for the overall growth of your child. Maintaining a healthy balance between studying and activities, without a proper plan, things can get incredibly stressful and difficult for children. Some easy ways to deal with these problems are:-
  • Having a schedule- 

Schedules are key when managing your time and getting everything done without being stressed. Students should create a schedule that works best for them and takes into account their learning speed, the kind of extra-curricular activities they are interested in and things that they can get done without feeling stressed in a day.

  • Choose your extra-curricular activities carefully- 

When deciding which extra-curricular activities to choose, try playing to your strengths. If your child is taller than the average kids his/ her age, running would be a great extra-curricular activity for your child. Choosing extra-curricular activities in which you already have a higher chance of success is a great boost for your child eliminating the multiple options to choose from. Children can then chance their activity based on their liking. We at Shivneri boarding school have a running track for our students to practice from. With a variety of sports, clubs, dance and music classes to choose from.

When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I’d discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theater. – Morgan Freeman.

There are added advantages of sending your child to a boarding school as opposed to day schools. We as boarding schools have the added advantage of time. With students living with us on campus, the learning never stops. We are responsible for our student’s growth and development. We at Shivneri boarding school take this job very seriously. With a dedicated staff and teachers, we could be the best boarding school for your child.