Why should you choose boarding school over day schools?

There are many factors that parents must consider when thinking of enrolling their children in a school. Listed below are a few reasons why you should consider boarding schools.

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Key points from the article - 

  • Independence
  • Individual attention given to children
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Building a school life

Before selecting the right type of school for your children there are many processes that parents undergo. Some of these are: -

  1. Research – The kind of school you want to send your child to, day schools or boarding schools?
  2. Meeting criteria- Sending children to school is a huge responsibility. Does the school match the needs of you and your family?
  3. Narrowing down your search – Once you’ve done your basic research about the kind of school you want to send your child to, parents must now start narrowing down their options based on their likings, school reputation and many other factors involved in selecting the right school for your child.
  4. Admissions- Selecting just one school isn’t enough. With thousands of applications, waiting lists and interviews, you must go through a lot before securing your child’s admission in a school which is liked by your child and you.

We at Shivneri boarding school believe that a boarding school is the right choice for modern day parents. Many parents have travelling jobs, jobs that require long and strenuous working hours and while our kids will never be on the back burners, as parents we have a lot of responsibilities we simply can’t shy away from. We still want what’s best for our children and their overall development and sometimes sending your child to a boarding school is the right choice for you and your family. Listed below are some of the many benefits of boarding schools:-

  • Independence: - 

Textbooks may feed your brain but they are not enough for the outside world. When students leave school they must they enter the outside world. Children who have studied from boarding schools such as Shivneri boarding school tend to be a lot more independent when compared to kids who go to day schools. Your child may want to go and study abroad or in a different city. Living alone without parents directly at the tender age of 18 can be very frightening and overwhelming for young adults.

At Shivneri Boading School, students are taught many basic skills such as Gardening, basic electric fittings required for the home, market understandings, basic cooking etc. When finding the right school be mindful of the various skills the school you wish to send your child too is offering. Will day schools offer the same learning opportunities as boarding schools? How important are these skills?

Son helping his mom change a light bulb.
  • Individual attention given to children: - 

We at Shivneri boarding school have a 20:1 student to teacher ratio which means that per 20 students there is 1 assigned teacher. The average number of pupils per classroom in a given school-year and the ideal size should be 30 students per classroom. We at Shivenri boarding school believe that 20 students per teacher is the right educational decision to make. This way teachers can pay attention to each and every student that is studying under their care. We understand that not every student learns and understands at the same time which is why we have reinforcement classes for those students who require a little bit of help.

Reinforcement classes are a great way to relearn any subject that is difficult for students to understand. Teachers can go through lessons with students again and again till they don’t understand it completely. Teachers also live on the campus or around it which means that they will always be there for when students need them be it for personal reasons or for studying. When deciding between day schools and boarding schools, it’s important to take into consideration how much attention will be paid to your child? Will your child get reinforcement classes in his/her day school if they ever need it? If not, what are the tuition fees in and around your areas? High tuition fees along with school fees, it’s important to be mindful of the expenses that you as parents will have to concur when sending your child to a school.

  • Extra-curricular activities: - 

Learning only through books is not enough anymore. Gone are the days when career options were limited to doctors, engineers, or chartered accountants. There are many careers your child can choose from, fields they’ll be interested in and things they may want to master. Today a child can learn coding at age 10 if he wishes to, can master a language, can learn how to dance, play sports, the options are endless. When deciding on the right school for your child, parents should take into consideration the kind of extra-curricular activities that are easily available for your child.

Finding a school that has many activities and skills for your child to learn is beneficial for children as well as parents. They won’t have to worry about how to send your child to a dancing class that is half an hour away from home? All these activities also means more spending.

We at Shivneri boarding school have many extra-curricular activities for our students to choose from based on their likings and dislikes. We have classical dancing, classical instruments students can learn, robotics clubs, students can learn Japanese as a language. All these activities are already included in the school fees so parents don’t have to worry about any added expenses.

Young boy playing the sitar.
  • Building a school life:-

Children spend most of their time in school. Here they make friends and make bonds and some of these bonds and friendships last a lifetime. Students who are of the same age have a huge impact on each other. In day schools, your child meets their friends for a few hours and have to be separated from each other as soon as school ends! In boarding schools, students live together and must therefore coexist harmoniously. When living at home, kids are surrounded by a lot of people, parents, grandparents if all of them are living together, siblings if any. Which means that they will spend time outside school with family members and maybe sometimes friends.

This doesn’t give them a lot of space to learn and understand about other cultures and religions. We at Shivneri boarding school have a culturally diverse student base. Your child will grow up with peers who belong to different socio-economic backgrounds. India being a culturally diverse country, befriending those who are very different from you has its own benefits.

Kids playing together in school.

When contemplating between day schools and boarding schools, there are many other factors to consider and things to prepare for. We at Shivneri boarding school urge interested parents to come visit us in school, talk to the faculty, and see how students live their life in our school. For more information about Shivneri boarding school: https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/7050469b-533c-403b-926a-ea1f617d3669/Shivneri%20School%20Brochure.pdf