Popular myths about boarding school

When we talk about boarding schools, there are a lot of misconceptions that people have. We are here to bust some of these myths!

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busting myths about boarding schools.

Key points from the article - 

  • Boarding schools are located in the middle of nowhere
  • Less supervision at boarding schools in comparison to home
  • Parents send their children to boarding schools because they’re unhappy at
  • home or are being punished
  • Hard for day students and boarders to become close friends
  • Boarding schools are hotbeds for alcohol and drugs
  • Diversity is rare at boarding school

When it comes to boarding schools there are lot of negative comments one hears about them. Hearing negative remarks about boarding schools has a huge impact on them especially when everything that they hear is not true. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything that you do in life. We are debunking some of the most popular misconceptions or myths that parents have about boarding schools. They’re as follows:

  • Boarding schools are located in the middle of nowhere-

Because boarding schools require a huge amount of space it is often perceived that they’re located in the remotest of places which has close to 0 connectivity. While this may be true for some we at Shivneri boarding school is located approximately 75KMS from pune and 150KMS from Mumbai. Spread across a beautiful 13 Acre Campus lies the valleys of Sahyadri and in surrounded by lavish greenery. We at Shivneri boarding school grow most of our fruits and vegetables in house which means that students are going to be surrounded by nature and plants. Students take active part in the growth of these plants which means they are learning the importance of growing your own produce in a pollution free, safe and organic manner.

  • Less supervision at boarding schools in comparison to home-

In boarding schools such as Shivenri boarding school supervision on children is much higher than what they would receive at home. Parents trust us to keep their children safe and healthy when in our care and we strive to do just that. With Aayas for children at a ratio of 15:1 and teacher student ratio of 20:1, we can assure you that your children are well taken care of. Apart from that we have CCTV cameras spread across the campus which means that we are constantly taking care of your children and are making sure that they are safe when in our care.

  • Parents send their children to boarding schools because they’re unhappy at home or are being punished-

Boarding schools present alternatives for children and a learning environment where kids are happy and they thrive. With many activities to choose from, sports to play, teams to join and experiences to gain, boarding schools are here to give your child an all-round education and give them learning opportunities which they otherwise wouldn’t learn in school. We at Shivneri boarding school grow most of our vegetables and fruits in-house. Students are taught how to grow and nurture nature. Its experiences like these that make life at a boarding school worth living and learning. It’s also said that staying in touch with your children is difficult when in a boarding school. This may have been true in times when there was less use of technology but these days students can talk to their parents on a regular basis. We at Shivneri Boarding School allow the use of technology only during the night because we believe that technology is a huge

hindrance when used at the wrong time. During the day we want our students to focus solely on themselves, their growth and their education.

  • Hard for day students and boarders to become close friends-

A tight-knit community at a boarding school ensures both day students and boarders feel like part of the family. We at Shivneri boarding school know the importance of socializing and the impact it has on students. When students study and live together they are bound to get attached. Some of these friendship will last them a lifetime. We make sure there are a plethora of opportunities for boarders to befriend day students. From class interactions to the playing field, it's easy to make friends here. Plus, many boarding schools strive to involve day students in weekend and residential life activities.

Kids playing together.
  • Boarding schools are hotbeds for alcohol and drugs-

In actuality, boarding schools are less prone to drug and alcohol use. A boarding school environment has more inherent controls with many more adults present in all facets of daily living. In addition, boarding schools maintain a busy schedule and far less opportunity for unsupervised free time. We at Shivneri boarding school have Aayas who are responsible for the daily activities of the students and are also responsible for their daily schedules. Our campus is lined with active CCTV cameras and it is our responsibility to make sure that our students don’t fall into bad habits that are harmful for their wellbeing.

Saying no to drugs and alcohol.
  • Diversity is rare at boarding school-

We at Shivneri boarding school have many students joining our care and studying with us because of our high educational standards. Here at Shivneri boarding school celebrate all festivals and have functions for children to participate in. This shows students how diverse our country really is and shows teaches them the importance of certain customs followed by a certain religion. Apart from that students can learn foreign languages such as Japanese. We have also tied up with the Japanese government and part active part in student exchange programs. This opens a world of possibilities for your children. Boarding schools are some of the most diverse studying institutions. With students that come in from various socio, economic and cultural backgrounds, it is the best place for your children to learn and grow in an environment where they meet kids from various backgrounds and learn how to adjust and live harmoniously with everyone.

These are some of the most common myths surrounding boarding schools. We urge parents who are considering a boarding school for their child to do thorough research, visit the schools you have shortlisted and get to know their environment and the staff. Parents who feel confident about the safety of their children along with receiving the best education. We also urge parents to schedule meetings with the prospective schools and then decide the ones they are most comfortable with. For more information on our school click: https://www.shivnerischool.com/

For more information on our cultural activities: https://www.shivnerischool.com/life-at-shivneri

For information about the staff at Shivneri boarding school: https://www.shivnerischool.com/about-us