Top 10 reasons to go to boarding schools.

Boarding schools lets your child explore the world at a young age! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Key Points from this article:-

  1. Smaller classes
  2. Extracurricular activities
  3. Flourished learning environment
  4. Cultural diversity
  5. Responsible and independent behavior
  6. Excellent preparation for college
  7. Creating a community and life-long friendships
  8. History and tradition
  9. Excellent facilities
  10. Strong academic opportunities

Raising a child is a huge responsibility and the work never stops. Before you even realise it, it’s time for you to start talking about where you want your child to learn from. When thinking of schools and preschools for your child there are various options to choose from. Apart from the language medium, you must decide whether you want your child to study in a public school, private school, day schools or boarding schools. There are advantages and disadvantages to all schools.

Sending your child to a boarding school has a lot of its advantages listed below are the top 10 reasons why we think you should send your child to Shivneri Boarding School.

  • Smaller classes:-

At Shivneri boarding school we want our students to get the best of learning opportunities. Day schools are usually much more crowded. SCR is defined as the average number of pupils per classroom in a given school-year and the ideal size should be 30 students per classroom. In some states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the PTR (Parent Teacher Ratio) was above a staggering 60.

At Shivneri boarding school the PTR ratio is 20:1. That is 20 students per teacher. We believe that this is the ideal size for every classroom. This way the teachers can focus better on each and every student personally. An added advantage is that the teachers and their Aayas live on campus along with the students or close to the campus. This way they are always around your kids in cases of emergency.

Classroom of 20 students at Shivneri Boarding School
  • Extracurricular activities:-

One of the most exceptional features of boarding schools such as the Shivneri Boarding school is that we offer a vast variety of sports and other extracurricular activities for our students. Students are encouraged to take part in multiple activities and grow in an environment that’s constantly teaching them valuable life lessons.

Such activities help a child in learning several life skills including team playing, honesty, patience and trust among other factors which make a child an all-rounder. At Shivneri boarding school we have a vast variety of sports and clubs which students can join. Some of the sports our students can learn are cricket, basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, martial arts or clubs such as learning classical dancing, music learn some instruments like table or the harmonium or the robotics club. Students can take up multiple clubs and hobbies. This way they get to really harness their skills, have fun and learn simultaneously. With an organized environment in boarding schools, it is very much convenient to integrate extracurricular activities with academics. Students tend to engage in several games and co-curricular activities without compromising on their academics.

Shivneri School students learning yoga.
  • Flourished learning environment:-

We at Shivneri boarding school hire only the best most dedicated teaching staff because for many of them who live on campus, school is a way of life. Their passion for and immersion in the fabric of the school itself help to inspire children and to encourage their drive to be an all-rounder.

It is often easy for a child to become distracted at home with television, social media and games all in close proximity. Even if your child tries to focus on their work, the temptation of being distracted is all too prevalent. In contrast, students can only use internet, their cellphones or watch tv for a restricted period of time. This reduces the factor of external distractions and they can focus on other things in life.

We offer an environment that is specifically set up to be conductive to learning.

Japanese Exhibit at Shivneri Boarding School.
  • Cultural diversity:-

We at Shiveneri boarding school have a culturally diverse student base. Your child will grow up with peers who belong to different socio-economic backgrounds. India being a culturally diverse country, befriending those who are very different from you has its own benefits. Students can learn about the various cultures and learn from them. Learning shouldn’t be restricted to just textbooks it should also be about people, art, hobbies and much more. Mingling with those who are very different from you, who don’t follow the same believes that you follow also gives children perspective and the ability to think about others.

  • Responsible and independent behavior

Most children will not experience a true sense of independence until they leave their home for university. By attending boarding school, children are given more independence earlier and will learn to adapt to living in a community outside of their family unit. At Shivneri boarding school students are taught important skills required to function on a daily basis in the outside world like banking, basic skills required for a business or employment, basic electric fittings required for the home, basic repairs, market understandings, basic cooking, etc. This enhances their preparation for life beyond education, helping to develop their maturity and independence before entering the adult world.

  • Excellent preparation for college

Stronger alumni networks go hand-in-hand with the boarding school experience. Boarding school environments are intensive and each school fosters its own unique identity that deepens friendships, in most cases, giving your child an enhanced self-confidence and sense of identity. We all know the importance of meeting the right people at the right time. These networks continue into the professional world, opening new avenues and opportunities along the way. At Shivneri boarding school every week we have a group of ex- army colonels and majors visit the school. Students take part in intense drills and activities helping kids learn a valuable life lesson, discipline.

  • Creating a community and life-long friendships

The built-in, supervised, diverse community that students become a part of at Shivneri boarding school is perhaps the most unexpected “bonus” for your child. Students from across the state, country come together to form a tightly-knit community – one where students learn from each other collaborate and support each other. Many of the friendships the students make will last well beyond their high school years and open them to a world of different perspectives and cultures, in addition to exciting experiences.

We urge you and your children to come visit us at Shivneri boarding school so that you can walk around the campus, the dorms, see the activities and the life of a student studying in our care.

Yes, you will miss your child, but when you see students that are growing and maturing, making friends, experiencing new things with us, you’ll surely consider us and our school.

  • History and tradition.

Many parents choose boarding schools because of their history and proven track record of providing an excellent all-round education with good prospects of achieving a place at top universities. Shivneri boarding school is not just a learning institute but has a very valuable and proven academic track record. Although just 16 years old, we have are a school that values traditions and has history rooted deep into the grounds, memorabilia and trophies won by our esteemed alumni.

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  • Excellent facilities.

Shivneri boarding school is a boarding school. We have state of the art facilities and clubs for students to join and learn from. Fees of day schools are significantly less because they don’t cover the cost of a student’s living. They job ends as soon as the child is in the care of his/her parents and or guardians. We have to include the cost of living for students and the standards we so dearly uphold. We want to give our students the best experience of their lives. Parents are required to shell out some extra fees when compared to the fee structure of day schools.

Science Laboratory at Shivneri Boarding School
  • Strong academic opportunities.

At Shivneri boarding school students can learn a foreign language. This opens them up to a whole new world of academic opportunities. If they want to study abroad, in a country who doesn’t speak English as their first language, this will benefit them greatly. It gives them an easier access into a whole new world. It’s also an added bonus for colleges during their interview processes. Teachers live on campus and are available for extra help after the school day ends. Weekend study sessions are the norm. Faculty seize teachable moments in the classroom, on the playing field and in the dorms.

These are our top ten reasons to go to boarding school. You will doubtless think of others. If all of this intrigues you, kindly take a look at our brochure: