How to select the correct boarding school.

Selecting the right boarding school for your child is important. Here's why!

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Key points from the article:-

  • Admissions
  • Vast Curriculum
  • Distance to home and family
  • Cost
  • University admissions
  • Discipline and pastoral care
  • Strength of the faculty
  • Extracurricular offerings

Children of today will become the adult citizens of tomorrow. Their growth is parallel to the future of our country which is reflected through the quality of the present education system. Schools must stimulate curiosity in the young, impressionable minds and equip them with the correct tools to be better human beings. It is widely accepted that the learning process is instrumental in shaping one’s personality and the way he/she deals with situations of life. Once parents have decided that boarding school is the right step for your family, the next step is to find the 'right one' to ensure that your child thrives in the new environment and strives to be the best at what he/she likes.

  • Admissions:-

Not every boarding school has admissions for student’s right from kindergarten. We at Shivneri boarding school have enrollment for students from grade (nursery - XII). We believe that enrolling students in a boarding school after they’ve spent a few years in their day school could be a huge emotional change for them. They’re going to be separated by their friends and parents. We at Shivneri boarding school want our students to grow and learn right from the beginning. We want our students to get the best facilities and good quality education.

Admissions office in schools.
  • Vast Curriculum:-

Students live on campus in boarding schools which means that they are living a vast majority of their life in school. It’s important for boarding schools to understand the importance of children learning and growing which is why most schools have a vast curriculum and have multiple subjects to choose from. We at Shivneri boarding school have a vast curriculum for our students. Their entire day is filled with learning things in classrooms and outside. With subjects like repairs and maintenance along with computer maintenance we are teaching our students essential life and career skills. The CBSC or Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum is both in terms of content and methodology a 21st century curriculum. We are no longer teaching our students to just rote learn their subjects without understanding their meaning. Comprising a dynamic and colorful culmination of academics, sports, fine arts, performing arts, etc. Our curriculum is based on developing the creativity and us exposing our students to varied educational experiences in life and outside school. Understanding the boarding school’s curriculum is a major factor in deciding the right school for your children.

In addition to the curriculum, it is important to look at the subject offered at the school as not all schools offer all subjects.

School syllabus
  • Distance to home and family:-

If you have chosen to send your child to a boarding school such as the Shivneri boarding school there are still many factors for you to consider. Some of these factors are:

a. Distance from your home and your child’s school – As parents it is our job to also worry about the difficult times. In cases of emergencies who apart from you in your close family circle lives the closest to your child’s school? How accessible is the school? We at Shivneri boarding school always have teachers, the staff, Aayas who are available for each and every of our student/students in cases of emergencies or otherwise. Our student teacher ratio is 20:1 i.e. there are twenty students in a classroom per one teacher. Teachers can focus on each and every child’s personal growth and development. We understand that not every student learns at the same speed or the same time. We have reinforcement sessions for our students. This gives them more time to understand the subject, focus and learn at their own pace. We also have Aayas who are responsible for taking care of students. Our student aaya ratio is 15:1. i.e. are there fifteen students per Aaya. Each Aaya is responsible for taking care of her student’s personal belongings and their health. Rectors and Aayas look after the students and their daily schedules.

b. Sending children away can be difficult - Sending children away at such a tender age can be very difficult for both parents and children. It’s important for parents and children to sit down together and have a healthy discussion about sending your children to boarding schools. We at Shivneri school want our students to think of us an home away from home,

  •  Cost:-

Once you’ve narrowed down the boarding school of your liking you must also consider the cost. Boarding schools have a significantly higher fee in comparison to boarding schools. Some of the reasons why boarding schools are high are:

a. As boarding schools such as Shivneri boarding school provides its students with a vast variety of subjects, the cost of education also goes high.

b. Extracurricular activities – We at Shivneri boarding school provide our students with a vast variety of clubs and sports to join. Students don’t just learn from textbooks any more, they also learn basic life skills such as cooking and basic repairs and maintenance. These skills require teachers, materials, equipment’s.

c. Boarding schools are responsible for their students living situations. They have to provide students with mess and dorm facilities along with taking care of their health.

It is factors like these which result in a significantly higher fee structure than day schools. It may be pertinent to keep the cost in mind and find a school that meets your requirements you’re your budgets.

  • University admissions:-

When deciding on which correct school to enroll your child in, you must also consider the kind of connections and avenues it opens up to your children in the future. We at Shivneri boarding schools have many parents look at boarding school as a means to access better university admissions for their children. We at Shivneri boarding school are the only school in India which teaches their students Shanghai Mathematics. The Shanghai Math’s Project is a mathematics program which provides complete coverage of the math’s curriculum in England. Every child can master maths with these comprehensive resources. Shivneri boarding school has also published three books and workbooks on the on Shanghai Mathamatics.

College admissions for various courses.
  • Extracurricular offerings:-

It is important to understand the resources that each boarding school offers. For students who play competitive sports, the boarding school should have a qualified coach as well as a programs for the student to develop that particular skill. We at Shivneri boarding school offer our students a vast variety of sports to play and clubs to join. They can learn classical music and join the robotics clubs. They have a vast variety of sports and hobbies to learn from.

Ted X Program at Shivneri Boarding School.

These are some of the factors parents must consider when deciding on the correct boarding school for their child. We at Shivneri boarding school encourage parents to come visit our school along with their children and see for themselves if they can fit into our family. AS parents your involvement is pertinent to the healthy growth of your child. You will be separated from your children for months at a time and it is extremely important as parents for you to weigh all the pros and cons of sending your child to a boarding school.