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Key Points from the article -

  1. Accessibility
  2. Flexibility
  3. Heightened ability to keep up with current events
  4. Prepares you for the outside world
  5. Adaptability and Personalization
  6. Interactivity

At Shivneri we believe in the positive impact technology has on our society. Children are inquisitive and they need the tools they require to grow their knowledge to become the best version of themselves. While there are some undeniable drawbacks to the use of technology. We at Shivneri believe in using it responsibly. Here are some ways technology benefits you and your kids:-

  • Accessibility:

The importance of staying connected with our near and dear ones became clear when the world shut down in 2020. Internet allows for instant and quick communication which means that you can stay connected to your kids even when they’re in school!

Check up on them every night and know all about their day and the things they learned.

Staying connected also means that the learning never stops! With online courses that offer you a valid degree/ diploma, kids can now learn coding, can develop a new software, learn dancing and singing making your child’s potential for growth endless.

Schools should empower their students to take charge of their own education and focus on their strengths and interests.

Children studying online.
  • Flexibility:

The internet never sleeps which means that you can use it anytime, anywhere thus enabling your kid to set up a schedule that works best for them. They no longer have to choose between doing research in the library and sports practice, with the help of technology, they make their own schedule and decide what works best for them. https://www.forbes.com/sites/noodleeducation/2017/04/12/why-your-child-should-attend-boarding-school/?sh=1004c858742d

  • Heightened ability to keep up with current events:

Knowing what’s happening in the world is a crucial part of our everyday life. The youth of today are taking a keen interest in politics and climate change and internet will keep students updated with what’s happening anytime, anywhere.

At Shivneri, we believe that healthy discussions or debates about current affairs helps broaden your mind and lets you gain perspective into the lives of those we otherwise would not know about thus creating responsible adults of the future.

Greta Thunberg
  • Prepares you for the outside world:

Education is no longer confined to just books and a blackboard. Learning is a continuous process and there’s always new things to learn and new hobbies to explore.

We at Shivneri understand that when students leave school and join today’s world, they will rely on technology be it on their phones or in the form of computers. Internet technology will inundate other facets of their personal life. The inclusion of these technologies into the classroom is about preparing students for a world that will be full of them.

Students gardening at Shivneri Boarding School
  • Adaptability and Personalization:

Every kid has different needs. What works for one kid may or may not work for someone else. Enforcing kids to study and learn only one way restricts their learning and with the use of technology, kids can now can now take charge of their personal growth. Being able to personalize a studying pattern that works in the best interest of your kid will help them grow and fall in love with learning.

Kids will also have the freedom of learning at their own pace and can keep going back to the same lesson till they understand it completely or can also search for alternative explanations or perspectives hence making it easier for kids.

  • Interactivity:

Textbooks will always be a part of our curriculum however, students today are far more likely to search for something on their laptops or cellphones rather than spending hours in the library doing research. Teachers at Shivneri understand the importance of technology and their ability in facilitating a student’s growth and believe that if kids are the future, then they need to be given the proper tools to facilitate their growth and for them to achieve their full potential.

Japanese Exhibit at Shivneri Boarding School

Technology no longer limits lesson time to the traditional four walls of a classroom, thus creating a true learning continuum. With great power comes a greater responsibility. Along with the many benefits that the internet provides, some of its drawbacks are cyber bullying, emotional abuse which can’t be ignored. We at Shivneri have a 0 tolerance policy for such crimes.

We also understand that too much of online exposure can be harmful and hence have allocated a specific time and place where kids are allowed to explore the world online.