• CA Foundation - CPC

    Common Proficiency Course.Gateway to the Chartered Accountancy.

    The last examination of CPT in the old scheme of education and training was held in June, 2019. Under the new scheme, CPT has been replaced by Foundation Course.

    HSC (State Board Commerce) + CPC

  • Breif about the Program - AITP


    AITP (ALPHA INTEGRATED TRAINING PROGRAM) is specially designed for the students aspiring to become a Chartered Accountant. It emphasizes concepts and basics of the subject which helps students to answer MCQs (multiple choice questions) easily. Comprehension and Practice is the key to success in competitive exams. Our skilled faculty and digital learning help students to comprehend in a better way. The course does not offer only the entrance exam coaching but also 12th Science (CBSE). Our Junior college is affiliated with CBSE Delhi. This is a residential course of 2 years wherein students stay in the most comfortable environment.

    Residential - HSC + CPC

    Residential (Two Years Program) - HSC + CPC

    Extra Classes are the core of AITP Entrance Coaching. For exams like NEET, AIIMS different approaches towards problem-solving, question paper solving is necessary. Extra classes for the students of AITP makes sure that students get to know all the tips and tricks to solve complex problems and questions. These classes also include the query sessions, wherein the whole class revise the concepts and ask their difficulties to the Professors. Our Professors make sure that every query of the student is solved before they start a new topic.

    Holistic Development

    Holistic Development

    Everything we do at Shivneri revolves around the well-being & all-round development of the students. We, therefore, adopt a holistic learning approach that enables the students to not just prepare for the exams at hand but also understand and apply theories & concepts across all the spheres of real-life. Our academic and non-academic staff takes a keen interest in students' growth encouraging them to do their best. We are always available to help them solve their doubts, counsel them and motivate them for not only entrance exam preparation but also for preparation of life.